About Robyn

Before she went to college, Robyn doled out Frosty’s Freeze soft serve ice cream and drank really bad coffee.
After she went to college, where she earned a BA in both English and Sociology, Robyn got a job with Scholastic Book Fairs. While there, she read a lot of books and drank really bad coffee.
Later she taught preschool, where she read a lot more books and switched to drinking tea.
Today she writes things: books, grocery lists, really long notes to her kids’ teachers, cake recipes, the occasional tweet, blog posts for this website, etc…
She does all of this from an armchair in her living room where she likes to sit and drink tea. (And eat M&Ms.)
Robyn lives in Minnesota with her husband, a handful of children, two dogs and a neurotic bird. You can tweet her @robynarend.


Fun fact: Robyn was once asked to make a birthday cake in the shape of Garfield the cat for a friend’s birthday party. Beside being covered in a lot of orange frosting, it was a very good cake.